Burkill Hall Wedding @ Botanic Garden

Burkill Hall Wedding @ Botanic Garden

The Burkill Hall is a wonderful venue for a cosy intimate affair for anyone looking for privacy and something special for their big day. This historical British colonial bungalow was built in 1866 and overlooks the National Orchid Garden in Botanic Garden. It has since been renovated to be used as an exclusive venue for weddings and special occasions or events and product launches.

On this special day, Jan and Jon engaged us for our beautiful Tiffany Chairs.. The Burkill Hall comes empty when you rent it, so for wedding couples it is essential to rent wedding chairs for your reception or banquet.

The building has 2 storeys, we used Gold Tiffany Chairs on the first floor for round table setting and the lovely Silver Tiffany Chairs on the second floor for a long table setting..

Here are some pictures of a Burkill Hall Wedding for Brides who are interested in the venue.. It is simply lovely.. 

Burkill Hall Exterior Wedding Solemnisation

Burkill Hall Wedding Reception

Burkill Hall Long table wedding reception solemnisation

Burkill Hall Ground Floor

Burkill Hall Wedding Reception Solemnisation

For a cosy intimate affair, the Burkill Hall should definitely be considered if you want to be surrounded by lush greenery when you say your vows, or entertain your guests amidst the beautiful atmostphere at the National orchid park. Do not look further.. The Pixie Box Pixies highly recommend you to consider Burkill Hall!