Small Intimate weddings and decor ideas

Small Intimate weddings and decor ideas

2014 came in a bang and we are off to a good start!!

Raffles House @ Fort Canning is quite the popular choice for small weddings and as a venue. You can choose to hold your event n the house itself or outside at the lawn. Of course, We pick the lawn! Who can say no to green grass and sun!

Raffles house is easily accessible through a private road for Authorised Vehicles from Fort Canning Green, or by foot from Dhouby Ghaut Mrt. 

Now, Back to decor matters... N & K had decided on Gold Tiffany Chairs with White Cushions and their choice is nothing but perfect for the contrast to the greenery of the outdoor. 

The cheery bride definitely likes bright colours! Pom Poms and Lanterns were used in hues like Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow and White the main colour theme of the wedding.  The Pompoms and Lanterns were hung across the trees like cotton candy, it added the extra pop to the location Doesnt it look magical? This photo has not been edited or graded in any way. 

Raffles House Wedding decor

Raffles House Tiffany Chairs pompoms lantern wedding solemnisation

The decor was done for solemnisation set up, colourful and vibrant just like the Bride herself. 

Word of advice: should you be holding your outdoor wedding during monsoon months like October to January, be sure to offer special refreshments or aid kit for your guests like a fan or cooler as it will get pretty stuffy during the day.