Wedding Planning and Decor Singapore

Wedding Planning and Decor Singapore

Hello everyone, The Pixie Box is turning 3, thank you all customers who have given us support and recommended us to your friends and family. We couldn't have made it till today without you guys.

Talking about wedding planning and decor, we have noted more and more couples looking for an all inclusive package from us. (We are working on it) however, there is so much involved in planning and designing weddings it is hard to provide a package as every wedding is different. The couples' expectations are different. There is different decor ideas and we do not have template designs that we use again and again. So please bare with us if we ask too many questions in our email about your needs and requirements ( It is really not easy :X)

Secondly, we noticed couples going smaller and smaller on the scale of weddings. 
Well, maybe its true, the new generation of X-Y brides finds no longer the need to please their parents (with due respect to those) they just want a small intimate wedding for people they do care about not someone they havent seen in years and inviting to their wedding just to cover the table cost (I see some guilty face).

Well we are behind your backs and highly support small intimate weddings! they can be so much more romantic as well under the right back drop.

What are your thoughts?