Wedding Planning in Singapore

Wedding Planning in Singapore

Hello everyone, this blog post will tell you more about the steps to planning your wedding by our Leading Planner:


1. Setting a Date for the big day and think about how many guests you want at your wedding.

This is a no brainer, without a date you cannot start to organise and get things going. It is also not easy to speak with companies or vendors for your wedding if you don't have the date as usually they want to also find out their availability based on the date you provided. 

-Do you want friends you havent seen or heard in 4 years at your wedding? Having to try and fill up a seat because someone who doesn't really care about you tells you last minute he cannot make it? An honest advise is to just invite people you care about or at least matters. If you really no choice then well, put them in the list of your headcount. 

2. Booking your Venue based on the date chosen and number of guests you have.

It is a huge competition in Singapore for venues! Some "kiasu" couples book 2 years in advance as well. So in order to win this rat race, you definitely want to avoid the situation where you really like a venue and have everything fixed then be told your venue is already taken up on your auspicious date. 

Tips: Bargain for flexibility and freebies with the banquet/venue coordinator such as; --Set up 1 day before if you would like to fresh up your venue and make it more special by bringing in an external party eg. floristry, Decor, Lighting.

-Ask for corkage waiver (So you can have a good party)

-Request for whatever you need before you sign the contract. 

Most of the time, once couples sign on the dotted line, the wedding coordinator can become extremely inflexible! (do not learn this the hard way)

-Make sure the venue allow you to decrease or increase your guestlist based on future RSVP.

3. Searching for other Wedding vendors

At this point, once you have your date and venue fixed. It's time to decide what you want to add to your big day. Is your venue very boring and need alot of work to make it more wedding-like and fun for your guests? Below is list of items you can consider :


-Solemnisation decor




-Furniture rentals

-Decor team

-Performers or emcee

-Stage backdrop (hotels and venues sometimes provide very basic design)

4. Gown and suit rental or customisation 

I put this at later step because most of the time, bride and grooms want to get into that perfect wedding body they always wanted, so before you search for your gown make sure you are already happy with your body as you want to avoid having to alter them close to your wedding which will result in extra cost. 
-Bridal studios provide a good package for Gown and Suit rental for actual day and pre-wedding photoshoot for a pretty competitive price. This also allows you to have your wedding pictures taken and showcased on the actual wedding day. 

5. Prepare for the big day

It is not easy to plan a wedding yes. You have to please many people and most of the time couples do it because of many reasons and one of the biggest could be "my parents wants me to do it like that". It is sad but true!

My advice is to make it as simple as possible or hire proffesional help because, many problems can arise while planning it and an experienced hand can be of really great help. It also allows you to enjoy your wedding day more instead of having to depend on your friends (The bridesmaids & Groomsmen) and coordinating everything while still having a full time job most of the time, is not easy. Why not let someone take over so you can have a joyous big day, so can those around you :)

HAPPY PLANNING! If you would like to engage proffesional help, please email us at

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