Wedding Planning & Design

-Design of stage and general decor coordination

 -Provision of personalised checklist

- Initial meeting to collect and consolidate wedding information such as

- Vendors and venue contract(s)

- Actual day programme outline preferred

- Customary / Traditional wedding requirements and provision of necessary

- Assist with the provision of personalised manpower list

-Generating detailed actual day schedule

- Liaise and brief contracted vendors

-Attend banquet finalisation briefing with venue coordinator/manager

- One rehearsal session with couple and bridal entourage

-Conduct briefing for helpers and bridal entourage either online or offline


-Compile and arrange vendors payment

-Actual day coordination

- At least two (2) qualified Pixie coordinators from start

- Coordination with bridal entourage and helpers

- Oversee contracted vendors responsibilities

- Checking of venue layout and setup such as

to end

- Assist with briefing venue manager on the following

Flowers and decorations

- Table settings

-Audio visual and lightings equipment

- Any other specific requirements

-Food and beverage arrangements

- Alcohol arrangements

- Programme lineup

- Assist with overseeing alcohol consumption (if required)

- Manage event cues with venue manager to ensure smooth execution of

- Coordinate placement and arrangement of all couple’s materials used

- Assist with packing and returning of all couple’s materials used during



-Service of dishes

- Speeches and performances (if any)

during wedding